LKCNHM Specimens at the Singapore Art Museum

Our conservator, Kate Pocklington, recently collaborated with artist, Lucy Davis, on two exhibits at the Singapore Art Museum as part of an exhibition—Unearthed. Unearthed contains exhibits by artists in Singapore that offer a look into how they as city dwellers view and respond to the natural world.

Kate at Unearthed. Photo by: Kate Pocklington

Kate at Unearthed. Photo by: Kate Pocklington

The two exhibits that Kate was involved with are All the Way Down and Nanyang Meadows. These contain material that were used to stuff two large specimens from the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (formerly the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research) that Kate discovered during her work. Kate elaborates: “[Lucy Davis] has been working on the stories of 2 specimens and what are found inside them. She’s used the crocodile and a tortoise… and has been in touch with R. Hanitsch’s [former director of the Raffles Museum] family to bring together as many stories and history as possible.”

“If you get the chance to go, please do, the setup of this exhibit in particular is extremely well done and demonstrates proper, smart and quality work, lighting and info.”

The exhibition is on at the Singapore Art Museum till 6 July 2014.

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