Pedal Ubin on Ubin day (30 November 2014)

While we are busy moving, our volunteers, the Toddycats have been busy! Here is one event we took part in last month, Ubin Day.

NUS Toddycats!

Between 1997 and 2009, the Toddycats organised a quarterly outreach programme called Pedal Ubin!.

We combined our favourite activities: cycling, nature, and public outreach, and set it on Pulau Ubin, the island time forgot. It was a great way to introduce to urban Singaporeans the pleasure of being outdoors, cycling in relative safety amidst the slow pace of the island, and learning about its history.

We retired the programme in 2009 and kept the website online as a resource page for visitors wanting to discover the island on their own.

When we were approached by the organisers of Ubin Day to be part of the celebration, it was very clear that we would bring back a one day edition of Pedal Ubin! A quick round up of the Jungle Fowls (what the Pedal Ubin guides were known as) saw Alvin, Kai Scene, Chee Kong, Marcus (Ng) and Kenneth respond to…

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