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NUS OHS’ Night at the Museum – 27 & 28 May 2016

We had our very own “Night at the Museum” at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) just a week ago! We at LKCNHM were proud to host this event on behalf of NUS’ Office of Housing Services (OHS). We would like to thank the staff at OHS and the families of Kent Vale Faculty Residences for their enthusiastic participation and we hope to continue to play host to these occasions in the future.

Kent Vale Night at the Museum 1

A total of 77 children from the Kent Vale community and 8 OHS staff stayed overnight. Photo by Rajavarman Matchichandran.

The purpose of the event was to invoke a communitarian spirit and build a closer Kent Vale Community of all ages, especially with the aim of engaging the children of Kent Vale Faculty Staff ranging from the ages of 7 and 15. A total of 77 children accompanied by 8 OHS staff members from Kent Vale stayed overnight at the museum as part of this event.

Events at the museum that night kick-started with a guided tour followed by a Treasure Hunt and a Dinosaur Light Show to end the night with a bang! The family breakfast during the following morning was also a great opportunity for parents to get together and mingle.

Treasure Hunt

Kids hard at work during the Treasure Hunt!  Photo by Rajavarman Matchichandran.

Families expressed their gratitude for all the fun they experienced:

“I would like thank you and your team from OHS for the excellent job done. Our kids really enjoyed the event. Thank you for organising this unique event. I am aware that it is a lot of responsibility on you and your team who have worked tirelessly to make sure it is a success.” – Dr Satish, Dept. of Anatomy, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

“My kids loved it and are asking what the next one will be!” Prof Kumaralingam, Faculty of Law.

Family 2

Smiles all around after breakfast and being back together again after a wonderful night at the museum! Photo by Rajavarman Matchichandran.

OHS Staff

OHS Staff group photo! Photo by Rajavarman Matchichandran.

We end this post with a quote from the Director of OHS, Mr Koh Yan Leng:

“As management of Kent Vale Residences, which accommodates our foreign faculty members and their families, we do not just wish to provide them with a place to stay, but a community that allows them to learn, bond and do great things together. As part of this vision, we organise monthly activities/events for our residents that cater to different family profile, singles, couples and family with kids. For the “Night at the Museum”, we are glad to partner with our esteemed LKCNHM to organise this great event for our residents’ children. The programme created by LKCNHM not only create much fun, but at the same time it is educational for them, which left many of them still talking about it after the event. As such, we deeply appreciate the effort put in by both the LKCNHM staff and our OHS colleagues to make this happen for the kids”.

We look forward to hosting future events such as these for our NUS community.

Nature Exploration Programme with Korea International School

Earlier last month, the Outreach and Education Unit of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum hosted a group of 20 students and 4 teachers from Korea International School for a one-day nature education programme.

During the first half of the day, the students participated in our Marine Ecology workshop where they learnt about the marine environment, its inhabitants, as well as the challenges they face. In the second half of the day, the participants followed our nature guides out for a three hour biodiversity and heritage exploration of Pulau Ubin, where they had the chance to experience what Singapore would have looked like in her earlier days. Man-y were charmed by the rustic, scenic beauty of Pulau Ubin, and were amazed that mainland Singapore, with her towering skyscrapers could have once looked like that. Memorable sightings during this walk included the passion flower, Oriental pied hornbill, and a lovely large-tailed nightjar!

Despite being well-camouflaged against the leaf litter, the nightjar did not escape the notice of our observant participants! Photo by Loh Lih Woon.

Customary group shot at the end of the Sensory Trail. Photo by Loh Lih Woon.

At the end of the guided nature walk, the students put to use the knowledge they had learnt in the Marine Ecology workshop and took part in a coastal clean-up activity near the Jelutong campsite area. They managed to pick up 9.5 kg of trash at the end of a half-hour. Great job by all involved!

Even as we prepare for the museum’s opening, our programmes are still ongoing.  For customised programmes such as this, please contact us at Do also keep a lookout for public programmes on the museum blogwebsite and Facebook page!

Under the Sea! Holiday Workshop

On 18 March 2015, we held our very first Holiday Workshop in the brand new Learning Lab of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum! During this Under the Sea! workshop, participants learnt about the marine animals that are found in Singapore’s waters, including those that are featured in some of their favourite television shows.

"That's what a marine sponge looks like? Whooooaaaa..."  Photo by Tammy Lim.

“That’s what a marine sponge looks like? Whooooaaaa…”. Photo by Tammy Lim.

The reaction of participants after learning about the marine animal that inspired the legend of mermaids. Photo by Tammy Lim.

At the end of the hands-on session with over 20 specimens, participants had a chance to try out the Gyotaku method, traditionally used by Japanese fisherfolk to keep records of their catches while fishing. Using this technique, our participants made prints of a variety of animals including a scallop, seahorse, halfbeak and grouper!


Participants learning about the techniques involved in capturing details of the animals on paper. Photo by Marcus Chua.

Taking turns to carefully paint the specimens to capture as much of the details as possible. Photo by Marcus Chua.


The happy campers with their masterpieces! None were koi about having their photos taken. Photo by Marcus Chua.

All too soon, it was time to go, as the family members of the participants came by to pick them up. Some of our participants took this opportunity to share with their families the information that they had learnt during the workshop.

Adults getting schooled! Photo by Marcus Chua.

Adults getting schooled! Photo by Marcus Chua.

We are shore these participants had a whale of a time! Even as we prepare for the museum’s opening, our programmes are still ongoing. Do keep a lookout for public programmes on the museum blogwebsite and Facebook page! To find out more about our programmes, please contact us at